8 tips for Snapchats Spectacles

8 tips for Snapchats Spectacles

If you just got your brand new Snap’s Spectacles be sure the fun is guaranteed. They are easy to use in every situation, but there are also a couple of things you need to know to make your videos look more interesting. These sunglasses can provide you more fun than you think. We present you ten basic tips that can help you get as much as you can from this incredibly small camera.

Explain what ‘the light circle’ means:

Sometimes people get confused when you start recording them. Explaining what the blinking circle means is a good idea. Do that, and you avoid unnecessary questions and spend more time capturing videos.

Instruct your friends on Snapchat:

An excellent thing to do when you decide to share some of your footage is to let your friends know they can expect some different and interesting stuff from videos recorded with these spectacles. For example, you can record video with the glasses and show how they can rotate their phones while watching without the video rotating at all.

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Long and short recording:

Snap’s Spectacles can record ten-second videos. If you want shorter videos, you need to hold the button and let go when you stop recording. If you need longer content than press the button three times in a row and you can record up to thirty seconds at a time.

Inside light:

When light inside your glasses starts to blink, it informs you that you have two seconds until the end of the recording. This also a notification that you can extend your video if you want.

Snapchat Spectacles2

Settings are important:

On the main screen inside Snapchat, click on the Settings icon. Inside, you can see Spectacles menu. By entering that menu you can control everything about your glasses, reset or restart them, change your name and delete videos you don’t need anymore:

Battery life:

Double press the left the side of your glasses, under the recording button. The circle will illuminate and show you how much battery life you have in your Spectacles.

You can share your Spectacles:

SpectaclesYou can easily share your glasses with your friend without any concern that your videos will be exposed. Just sync your videos to your phone, and that’s it. Your friend will not be able to see your footages while he is using your glasses neither will you see his content when you pair your Spectacles again with your phone and Snapchat account.

Sharing outside of Snapchat:

You must know that your videos will not look the same like in Snapchat when you Share them on some online services or apps.


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