To advertise on Facebook or not?


There’s no doubt that Facebook is still the most powerful and influential social network out there, though the competition is getting tougher year after year. Facebook claims almost two billion active users, it keeps the perfect rhythm of implementing innovations, and it expresses an impressive level of the user friendly environment. Unlike Twitter and some other social networks mostly used for the quick exchange of the information, fast flow of updates and various marketing interactions, Facebook is mostly used in a “slower manner” to connect with your friends and family. Also, to socialize in the real sense of the term and spend some quality time entertaining yourself online. When Facebook announced ten years ago that their action plan was to add business advertising into this kind of environment, experts were more than a sceptic.

Since an average Facebook user wanders through Facebook mostly driven by personal and private reasons, not professional and business, this didn’t look like a fertile terrain to build your company’s marketing strategy here. A decade later, Facebook is incasing billions out of the myriad of marketing and advertising projects on their social network. Nowadays, creating a business Facebook profile at the very beginning of construction of company’s visual identity is mandatory for every modern business catching up with cyber trends. However, not everything is so great and lucrative. Thus you should go through this pro and cons list before you opt for advertising your business on Facebook.

Present in front of massive audience

The mere fact that there are almost 100 million daily active users on Facebook is far more than just a potential massive reach for your advertising campaign. Chain spreading of your released data is a great value and power, but there’s more to it. Facebook offers various algorithms to differ various groups of users and to profile your target groups successfully. You may filter users by their age, educational levels, the field of the industry they claim to work in, living area, marital status and various other interests and listed traits. It helps a great deal enabling you to focus your advertising more directly and to adjust it to be more specific for the aimed audience.

No significant investment required

Although many users are starting to complain that Facebook favorites sponsored websites significantly, you can still get high-quality advertising campaign here for quite affordable prices. Compared to other marketing channels, Facebook is rather inexpensive. Also, there are several convenient options. You may pay for pre-set offers or pay for each click, depending on what you find more profitable.

Longer life span, but slower flow rate of a data

This aspect may work for you or against you, depending mostly on the type of information you are sending towards the audience. Since advertising material posted on Facebook has longer life span and visibility to the audience compared to other social networks, this comes rather handy for the official presentation of your work and business. On the other hand, if you are announcing an event or change or sending any other info that requires quick interaction with the potential clients, slow timeline flow will be a problem.

Careful with false clients

One of the issues Facebook struggles with includes false profiles and non-existing users. If your statistic shows a large number of clicks and shares made by a false profile, you might easily get the wrong impression about your campaign working better than it truly is.


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