To advertise on Facebook or not?


There’s no doubt that Facebook is still the most powerful and influential social network out there, though the competition is getting tougher year after year. Facebook claims almost two billion active users, it keeps the perfect rhythm of implementing innovations, and it expresses an impressive level of the user friendly environment. Unlike Twitter and some other social networks mostly used for the quick exchange of the information, fast flow of updates and various marketing interactions, Facebook is mostly used in a “slower manner” to connect with your friends and family. Also, to socialize in the real sense of the term and spend some quality time entertaining yourself online. When Facebook announced ten years ago that their action plan was to add business advertising into this kind of environment, experts were more than a sceptic.

Since an average Facebook user wanders through Facebook mostly driven by personal and private reasons, not professional and business, this didn’t look like a fertile terrain to build your company’s marketing strategy here. A decade later, Facebook is incasing billions out of the myriad of marketing and advertising projects on their social network. Nowadays, creating a business Facebook profile at the very beginning of construction of company’s visual identity is mandatory for every modern business catching up with cyber trends. However, not everything is so great and lucrative. Thus you should go through this pro and cons list before you opt for advertising your business on Facebook.

Present in front of massive audience

The mere fact that there are almost 100 million daily active users on Facebook is far more than just a potential massive reach for your advertising campaign. Chain spreading of your released data is a great value and power, but there’s more to it. Facebook offers various algorithms to differ various groups of users and to profile your target groups successfully. You may filter users by their age, educational levels, the field of the industry they claim to work in, living area, marital status and various other interests and listed traits. It helps a great deal enabling you to focus your advertising more directly and to adjust it to be more specific for the aimed audience.

No significant investment required

Although many users are starting to complain that Facebook favorites sponsored websites significantly, you can still get high-quality advertising campaign here for quite affordable prices. Compared to other marketing channels, Facebook is rather inexpensive. Also, there are several convenient options. You may pay for pre-set offers or pay for each click, depending on what you find more profitable.

Longer life span, but slower flow rate of a data

This aspect may work for you or against you, depending mostly on the type of information you are sending towards the audience. Since advertising material posted on Facebook has longer life span and visibility to the audience compared to other social networks, this comes rather handy for the official presentation of your work and business. On the other hand, if you are announcing an event or change or sending any other info that requires quick interaction with the potential clients, slow timeline flow will be a problem.

Careful with false clients

One of the issues Facebook struggles with includes false profiles and non-existing users. If your statistic shows a large number of clicks and shares made by a false profile, you might easily get the wrong impression about your campaign working better than it truly is.

South Korea Plans to build ‘Hyper-Tube Train’

Hyper-Tube Train

To improve their public transportation and reduce travel time of their citizens, South Korea is working on a new train who will reach a speed of up to a thousand kilometers per hour. Hyper-tube train will operate on the route from Seoul to Busan and cut the traveling time from two and a half to half an hour.

For those who know this is Korea’s attempt at the idea called ‘Hyperloop’ that was created by Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX). It works by floating on a pole with low attrition and reduced air resistance, which is giving more power and larger speed considering a tube where the train passes, is a near vacuum.

Partnership with Han-yang University

Korea Railroad Research Institute is working together on this project with Han-yang University.  The balance between the price and safety is their main concern. Since there are many barriers to pass and many challenges to overcome before this project become available to use. All this requires detailed work in infrastructure, one hundred percent confidence in technology. If something goes wrong, the consequences would be terrible considering aspects of this extraordinary train and fast it can go.

The Hyperloop

The train will be ready in few years

With all this information, some media from Asia reports that this project will not get a launch date too soon. There is plenty of things to do before the train called “near-supersonic” becomes a reality. The long-term sustainability of the technology will be the primary goal to do over the next couple of years. This all means that the innovative Korean train will not be realized until the next five or six years.

Faster than Maglev

Maglev TrainComparing to the “Maglev” trains this one will be double faster which will be exciting to see. This kind of innovation in public transportation can change the transport situation in the world if this project becomes true in the near future. One unusual and fun fact about this train is the speed. Early mentioned one thousand kilometers sound fantastic because it’s close to the speed of sound. The fact that this train will be only two hundred kilometers slower than sound gives an answer why are everyone so excited about it.

Siri – New Voice Assistant Created by Adobe


Adobe is working hard to improve their services by creating something really useful for their customers in the world of photography. Siri is a Voice control assistant who you can talk to and edit your photos with. With a microphone button inside the app, the user can interact with Siri and edit, crop or reframe his photos.

Assistance with Photoshop

There is a video online posted by Adobe showing how to do some basic edit on your content with Siri, making to photo square, changing the brightness. Also, it shows that this assistant has the ability to undo everything you worked on your photos. If you’re not familiar with the terminology in programs like Photoshop, this could help every amateur user and make them really easy to work with. The biggest benefit of this could also be a connection between the user and complex operations within the program. It would enable every user with little experience to edit photos by saying something like “Make the eyes darker” and get the final result without any problems.

Become an expert in photo editing

There are some similar types of apps who can help you like but without voice commands. On Instagram, you have several style presets which are not only there to stylize your photos. The list of presets can turn bad photos taken with your phones into quality shots automatically. That option helps a lot but with voice assistant, anybody could easily become an expert in photo editing.

Photoshop And Siri

The number of options will increase

This is a project with a high goal. They are expanding options for Siri’s voice search, along with the control of editing tools inside adobe products. Current trends in the industry with digital assistants like “Alexa service” created by Amazon show us that we can expect a lot more from them shortly. At this time, this is just a concept that marks a new era of the company and something interesting for people who are using Adobe software. Until now the company has never done something that didn’t improve their programs. If they do that with voice assistant, they can fix the problem without consequences since this is an addition to photo editing programs.

8 tips for Snapchats Spectacles

8 tips for Snapchats Spectacles

If you just got your brand new Snap’s Spectacles be sure the fun is guaranteed. They are easy to use in every situation, but there are also a couple of things you need to know to make your videos look more interesting. These sunglasses can provide you more fun than you think. We present you ten basic tips that can help you get as much as you can from this incredibly small camera.

Explain what ‘the light circle’ means:

Sometimes people get confused when you start recording them. Explaining what the blinking circle means is a good idea. Do that, and you avoid unnecessary questions and spend more time capturing videos.

Instruct your friends on Snapchat:

An excellent thing to do when you decide to share some of your footage is to let your friends know they can expect some different and interesting stuff from videos recorded with these spectacles. For example, you can record video with the glasses and show how they can rotate their phones while watching without the video rotating at all.

Snapchats Spectacles1

Long and short recording:

Snap’s Spectacles can record ten-second videos. If you want shorter videos, you need to hold the button and let go when you stop recording. If you need longer content than press the button three times in a row and you can record up to thirty seconds at a time.

Inside light:

When light inside your glasses starts to blink, it informs you that you have two seconds until the end of the recording. This also a notification that you can extend your video if you want.

Snapchat Spectacles2

Settings are important:

On the main screen inside Snapchat, click on the Settings icon. Inside, you can see Spectacles menu. By entering that menu you can control everything about your glasses, reset or restart them, change your name and delete videos you don’t need anymore:

Battery life:

Double press the left the side of your glasses, under the recording button. The circle will illuminate and show you how much battery life you have in your Spectacles.

You can share your Spectacles:

SpectaclesYou can easily share your glasses with your friend without any concern that your videos will be exposed. Just sync your videos to your phone, and that’s it. Your friend will not be able to see your footages while he is using your glasses neither will you see his content when you pair your Spectacles again with your phone and Snapchat account.

Sharing outside of Snapchat:

You must know that your videos will not look the same like in Snapchat when you Share them on some online services or apps.

What Is New In Technology

Technology World

As we all know, the world of technology is an ever-changing environment, and this characteristic is a perhaps the most dominant feature of the technological sector. Almost everything in this area can be improved and upgraded, and scientists and various research teams are spending their entire careers just by searching for ways on how to enhance certain products and methods. Of course, this constant hunger for better things is what lead the human race to the current evolutionary stage, and curiosity and creativity are very powerful motivating factors.

How Are New Things Introduced

New ThingsWhen it comes to new products and modern methodology, everything starts with an idea. Since the beginning of time, an idea is what changed the world. Once the inventor “receives” or discovers an inspiration, the process of construction can get underway. Of course, every new product has to go through extensive tests and this phase is the crucial stage for the potential success of the item. Simply, if the “new thing” passes all the tests with high marks, there is a good chance that people will love the product and that it will be used by most of them.

New Gadgets And Gizmos

Since we live in a time when almost all people use electronic devices, it is easy to understand why contemporary research facilities are always looking for creative ideas for new gadgets and gizmos. These relatively small devices are designed to make our lives easier, and this simple definition perfectly describes their role and function. When it comes to modern gadgets, the selection of products is enormous, and it would be impossible to list all of them in this article. However, people who are interested in these items can easily find them on the Internet, and many areas of our everyday lives can be enhanced and improved with the use of various gadgets and gizmos.

What Does The Future Hold For Us?

What Does The Future Hold For UsIt can be tough and challenging to predict which devices will appear in the upcoming period accurately, and how will the overall technology evolve in the future. Of course, Sci-Fi novels sometimes exaggerate things, but their visions and ideas have already come to fruition on several occasions. But, it remains to be seen how the future generations will improve their lives and their surroundings, and our mission is to leave them with a peaceful and healthy planet.

Top 5 Areas In Which We Rely On Technology

Top 5 Areas In Which We Rely On Technology

As we all know, technological progress is essential in driving the human race forward along our evolutionary path. Without continuous research, we would stop in our tracks, and this stagnation would eventually turn into a catastrophic disaster. Luckily, our curiosity and creativity are still active, and they drive our minds into unknown terrorizes. Over the years, we have improved many areas of our lives, but some segments depend on technology more than others do. Here are some of those areas of human activity which are under the biggest influence of technological improvements.


Modern means of communication are turning our planet into a small village, and that is why the Internet and mobile phones are immensely important. They connect us with relatives and families even if some of those are living on the far side of the globe. We can send messages and exchange information in a fast and convenient manner, all thanks to modern technologies.


Without modern technology, our travels would last a long time, and horses and elephants would still have to carry us. Even though some parts of the world are still using these “traditional methods,” the majority of the human population is using cars or planes. Trains, buses, or ships are also faster and powerful than ever, and they can take use quickly and efficiently from point A to point B.



Our health is our most valuable asset, and it is imperative to keep it in good shape. That is why modern technological methods and treatments are of great importance to all of us. Surgeries and therapies are now safer than ever, and technology is playing a vital role in extending the overall human life expectancy.


Having enough food on the table is always in the back of our minds, and our basic survival instincts are responsible for this apprehension. However, modern agricultural systems and farming methods are increasing the yield of crops and other cultures, and this provides us with more food.


Modern technology starts in the classroom, and every scientists and engineer had to go through schools to gain the necessary knowledge. However, technology also affects the education as a whole, and various modern methods are incorporated into the teaching process.

Modern Classroom

How Important Is Technology In Your Life

How Important Is Technology In Your Life

Technological progress is what moves the society forward, and this statement has pushed us through all of our evolutionary stages. Our ancestors started using technology when they discovered the first wheel, but even the first sharp stones or sticks can be classified as devices that were making our lives easier. After all, the primary purpose of technology is to make our lives better by enhancing our productivity and efficiency, and that is why we are nowadays virtually surrounded by lots and lots of gadgets and gizmos.

Gadgets and gizmos

Devices That We Are Using On A Regular Basis

As we already said, today’s society is practically “addicted” to technology, and we are also continuously adding new devices to our overall library of machines and gadgets. With the help of modern methodology, we can produce highly creative items, and that is why our lives in the future could look a lot different from today. However, even nowadays our daily chores and tasks are significantly faster and more efficient with the help of gadgets such as electric shavers, microwaves, TV sets, smartphones, cars, elevators, and so on. All of these products of technology are something we usually take for granted, but they reduce the time required to perform some everyday tasks, and that is why we rely on them to such an extent.

The World Without Technological Progress

If something were to happen and all of our technology would stop, or it would not progress any further, the human race would have to make some serious effort to adapt to these changes. Of course, we can be pretty resilient when we want to be, but the vast majority of the human population would not survive for long without the benefits of technology. The areas such as healthcare and transportation would cause the biggest problems, and the same can be said about agricultural sector and communication. When we consider such a scenario, we realize the importance of technology, and we begin to appreciate everything about this aspect of our lives. After all, technological progress is what brought us to this stage, and we should be grateful that we are living in this particular period in the human history.

Do We Rely On Technology Too Much?

Do We Rely On Technology Too Much

Ever since the first days of the human kind, we have always looked for tools and objects that could make our lives easier. A “simple” stick or a sharp stone which could make hunting more efficient are the predecessors of our modern gadgets and devices, and the same general idea did not change over the centuries. However, it seems that one thing has changed – our dependence on technological progress and the machines that are there just to help us. It seems that robots and various gizmos are performing more and more of our tasks, and this can be a serious issue in the long run.

The Importance Of Technological Progress

We are not trying to say that technology is a bad thing and that we should run for the hills and start screaming in paranoia. On the contrary, evolutionary stages are an inevitable natural phenomenon, and that is why our society is perpetually looking for ways to improve its technological readiness. In other words, we are always inventing new products and upgrading the methodology, and all of these efforts are creating a better life for all of us. Even though some technological advancements are not necessarily benevolent when it comes to their original idea, the vast majority of them are directed towards enhancing our productivity and making our planet a more efficient place.

Technological Progress

What Can We Expect In The Future?

Famous Hollywood movies from the Sci-Fi genre have frequently used the world of tomorrow as an inspiration. However, the filmmakers usually had a dark and catastrophic perspective on the future events, and we could often see our planet overrun with robots and machines. However, the reality is that gadgets and gizmos that we are currently using are completely under our control, and every single one of their actions is designed to make our lives more comfortable and more efficient. Not only machines, but also the programs and mobile apps are used for enhancing our levels of entertainment and for better interaction, and that is why we all rely on technology so much. Whether we are too dependent or not remains to be seen in the upcoming centuries.