Siri – New Voice Assistant Created by Adobe


Adobe is working hard to improve their services by creating something really useful for their customers in the world of photography. Siri is a Voice control assistant who you can talk to and edit your photos with. With a microphone button inside the app, the user can interact with Siri and edit, crop or reframe his photos.

Assistance with Photoshop

There is a video online posted by Adobe showing how to do some basic edit on your content with Siri, making to photo square, changing the brightness. Also, it shows that this assistant has the ability to undo everything you worked on your photos. If you’re not familiar with the terminology in programs like Photoshop, this could help every amateur user and make them really easy to work with. The biggest benefit of this could also be a connection between the user and complex operations within the program. It would enable every user with little experience to edit photos by saying something like “Make the eyes darker” and get the final result without any problems.

Become an expert in photo editing

There are some similar types of apps who can help you like but without voice commands. On Instagram, you have several style presets which are not only there to stylize your photos. The list of presets can turn bad photos taken with your phones into quality shots automatically. That option helps a lot but with voice assistant, anybody could easily become an expert in photo editing.

Photoshop And Siri

The number of options will increase

This is a project with a high goal. They are expanding options for Siri’s voice search, along with the control of editing tools inside adobe products. Current trends in the industry with digital assistants like “Alexa service” created by Amazon show us that we can expect a lot more from them shortly. At this time, this is just a concept that marks a new era of the company and something interesting for people who are using Adobe software. Until now the company has never done something that didn’t improve their programs. If they do that with voice assistant, they can fix the problem without consequences since this is an addition to photo editing programs.


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