South Korea Plans to build ‘Hyper-Tube Train’

Hyper-Tube Train

To improve their public transportation and reduce travel time of their citizens, South Korea is working on a new train who will reach a speed of up to a thousand kilometers per hour. Hyper-tube train will operate on the route from Seoul to Busan and cut the traveling time from two and a half to half an hour.

For those who know this is Korea’s attempt at the idea called ‘Hyperloop’ that was created by Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX). It works by floating on a pole with low attrition and reduced air resistance, which is giving more power and larger speed considering a tube where the train passes, is a near vacuum.

Partnership with Han-yang University

Korea Railroad Research Institute is working together on this project with Han-yang University.  The balance between the price and safety is their main concern. Since there are many barriers to pass and many challenges to overcome before this project become available to use. All this requires detailed work in infrastructure, one hundred percent confidence in technology. If something goes wrong, the consequences would be terrible considering aspects of this extraordinary train and fast it can go.

The Hyperloop

The train will be ready in few years

With all this information, some media from Asia reports that this project will not get a launch date too soon. There is plenty of things to do before the train called “near-supersonic” becomes a reality. The long-term sustainability of the technology will be the primary goal to do over the next couple of years. This all means that the innovative Korean train will not be realized until the next five or six years.

Faster than Maglev

Maglev TrainComparing to the “Maglev” trains this one will be double faster which will be exciting to see. This kind of innovation in public transportation can change the transport situation in the world if this project becomes true in the near future. One unusual and fun fact about this train is the speed. Early mentioned one thousand kilometers sound fantastic because it’s close to the speed of sound. The fact that this train will be only two hundred kilometers slower than sound gives an answer why are everyone so excited about it.


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